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Deploy and run your Java apps, your way

Build, deploy, and run your modern Java apps on Heroku. Deploy standalone Java apps, advanced data-centric and web applications, or push your pre-built WAR files to our container-based infrastructure.

API development & Microservices

Need Java-based RESTful Web Services for your Android or iOS app? Or building Spring Boot based microservices? Heroku has your back.

Maven or Gradle—your choice

When developing Java apps on Heroku, you have the option to use Maven or Gradle for dependency management.

Invisible Infrastructure

Stop worrying about how to configure your production server’s operating system, and spend more time focusing on your Java code.

Twelve-Factor Friendly

Heroku invented the 12-factor methodology and it’s still the best place to run your cloud native applications.

Continuous Delivery

Shorten your software delivery cycle with a platform designed to cut the time and cost of managing deployment and operations. Heroku Pipelines provides a simple yet powerful continuous delivery solution.

Run Java apps for free

Heroku’s flexible pricing model includes free dynos for development, learning, and experimentation. Many of our ecosystem partners also offer a free plan.